The trading sale of a house is an important choice. During this delicate step, our commitment toward the satisfaction both of the seller and the buyer comes up immediately and skilfully.

During the preliminary stage of acquisition each property is quickly inserted in a data base in order to be available to our customers. We also operate in Internet direcltly with our website, and by advertisings on the most important portals related to the real estate word.

Ones we have found the right buyer for the property and once the deal is concluded, we dedicate to the drawing up and recording of the preliminary contract of sale, we provide assistance up to the notarial deed, till the transfer of utilityes.

If you decide to sell a house and want to know its real value on the market, our agency is able to carry out a valuation free of charge and without obligation.

Our long experience enable us to offer valuations on the basis of the unique characteristic each building possesses.

If you want to buy a property is nowadays mandatory you have to accede to a financial support.

Thanks to the agreements with important bank, we are able to obtain the best conditions within the financial support market, often more convenient than those the client would obtain if he presented directly in his own bank.
Of course that doesn't involve any additional charge.

Care and Real Estate Administration

Trust Tasks

Technical, legal, fiscal consulting

Planning and Renovation

Regarding real estate, our territory present a very high value situation, with very few places available for new constructions. Moreover and in many cases, these buildings are old and not corresponding to the need of the modern user.

A house "to be renovated" needs sometimes just few and aimed interventions, which costs are widely repaid by an amazing position or by other good characteristics that cannot be found in a newly built house.

Immobiliare Morganti Agency offers to its clients the possibility to renovate the house just bought through “turnkeys” budgets, working together with technicians which operate, since long time, on the territory and also handling, when necessary, all the technical and bureaucratic procedures linked to it. Possible valuations can be carried out by or technicians before the purchase, in order to obtain a surpriseless investment.

Due to our long year experience we selected effective firms of the building sector, which manage, professionally and skillfully, to accomplish your wish to live in a renovate house according to your desires. All these professional expertises means a series of real advantages both for the interlocutors and for the clients of the agency, who can count on a team of reliable professionals in situ even if they live far from Versilia.

This is intended to be an additional service for our clients and the agency doesn't earn anything from it.